Peace Corps Volunteer Shares Tanzania Experience on Sounds Good

Sep 14, 2012

Clinton, Kentucky native Jessica Byassee joined Kate Lochte in the WKMS studio on Sounds Good to share her experience as an environment extension volunteer for two-years in Tanzania. Jess was a student worker at WKMS while completing her degree from Murray State.

Please note: the beginning of this interview was clipped, so we asked Jessica to send us the beginning portion: 

Kate: "Jessica, welcome, tell me about what you will be doing when you go back to Tanzania...what will your daily work day be like?"

Jessica: "I am going to be working on a malaria research program. Malaria is a huge epidemic in all of Africa right behind HIV/AIDS in prevalence. Since 2010, USAID has funded Indoor Residual Spraying in the Mwanza region. So we are going out to the village health clinics to get the data on their patients from 2000 to current. So we can see the number of malaria patients treated before the spraying began and now since the homes have been sprayed."

(Recorded Portion Begins)