Poetry Minutes 2016: Sweet Sound of Sonnets

Apr 4, 2016

April is National Poetry Month!

Hear Poetry Minutes on WKMS weekdays in April at 8:30 a.m. during Morning Edition, approximately 11:20 p.m. during Sounds Good and at 4:18 p.m. during All Things Considered.

Celebrating Shakespearean Sonnets

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This year, kids from Murray Middle School are celebrating by reading and writing sonnets inspired by Shakespeare. Dr. Barbara Cobb of the Murray Shakespeare Festival coordinated with area schools to bring Shakespeare into the classroom through reading and writing workshops. WKMS had the opportunity to record Kristen Swisher's 4th Grade class at Murray Middle School reading their own creative works. 

Hear the Poetry Minutes Online:

Here's the schedule. We'll add the audio after each minute finishes its broadcast run on air. (Air dates and times may be subject to change)

April 1 "Jack" by Rolin Chambers

April 4 "My Brother" by Sage Mize-Harper

April 5 "The Great Harry Potter" by Cooper Allen and "Little Man" by Brooke Thomas

April 6 "My Dog" by Wyatt Buffington and "Think" by Kiera Combs

April 7  "Best Friend" by Paris Fann

April 8 "My Turtles" by Bryce Kough

April 11 "My Dog Marley" by Jansyn Hays

April 12 "My Mom" by Griffin Klotz

April 13 "My Brother" by Rianna Peng

April 14 "My Brother" by Devan Carron

April 15 "Lexi" by Addison Foley

April 18 "Shall I Compare" by Laurencio Figueroa and "Pizza" by Jameson Adams

April 19 "A Moving Sadness" by Eve Stark

  April 21 "Duke V.S. UK" by Kasia Williams and "Shall I Compare" by Marley Moore

April 22 "Samson" by Ava Dodd

  April 25 "My Dog Woody" by Ashley Vonnahme

April 26 "Bailey" by  Tanner Henry

  April 27 "My Brother" by Kierston Hamilton

Check back for the full schedule.