Rand Paul Says He Won't Vote For Budget Plan That Adds To National Deficit

Jan 3, 2018

Credit WKMS News

Now that Congress is back in session, lawmakers must finish the work they punted at the end of the year, including a new spending bill. A Republican lawmaker from Kentucky says he won’t vote for a budget that adds to the deficit.

Congress approved a stopgap bill last month that keeps the government funded at current levels through January 19th.  


That deadline gives lawmakers about two weeks to work out a longer-term spending deal.  


Most Republicans want to increase military funding while Democrats want more money for domestic spending.  U.S. Senator Rand Paul said the country should spend what it takes in.


"We bring in about three-trillion-dollars, but we spend about four-trillion." Paul said.


The Bowling Green Republican said he thinks Congress should hold the line and keep spending the same as last year.  He said without any spending increases, Congress could balance the federal budget in about five years.  Paul recently voted for a massive Republican tax overhaul bill signed into law by President Trump.


The Congressional Budget Office estimates that plan will add over a trillion dollars to the federal deficit.


Supporters say that doesn’t take into account the amount that would be offset by economic growth spurred on by the tax cuts.