Real Estate Magazine Ranks Three Area Communities as Places for Economic Development

Mar 7, 2014

Credit Site Selection Magazine

A corporate real estate strategy magazine has named three areas in our region as top places in the nation for economic development.

Site Selection Magazine released its annual Micropolitan Statistical Area report for 2013, ranking Paducah 16th and in Tennessee, Dyersburg  10th and Union City 27th.

Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Lindsay Frilling says Made In America Seating’s coming to the area last year was well-timed for some who lost their jobs in the 2011 Good Year Tire plant closure.

“People have had the opportunity, those that didn’t go right back into the workforce, have had two years to go back and get an education,” she said. “So we really had new, fresh workforce becoming available in the last couple of quarters in 2013.”  

The Site Selection findings were based on the number of job creation projects in each city or county. Frilling says in addition to MIA Seating's 500 jobs, several local businesses like Williams Sausage added jobs last year.