Remembering Doc McGaughey: Moments Shared In Recent Years On WKMS

Jun 20, 2019

Bob Valentine and Bob McGaughey
Credit WKMS File Photo

If you attended Murray State University in the last 50 years you likely heard of - or took a class from - Dr. Robert McGaughey. Everyone called him "Doc." You’ve also heard him on WKMS since it went on the air.

Doc died last Friday. He was 76.

He was a Vietnam Veteran, kind and thoughtful. He served as chairman of the university’s journalism and mass communications department for more than 20 years and continued to teach until 2010. He was renowned public speaker and comedian.

Thursday, hundreds of people attended his funeral in Murray State’s Lovett Auditorium. If you knew Doc, then you knew there were going to be jokes. His longtime comedy partner and close friend Bob Valentine provided the eulogy and shared Doc’s favorite jokes.

Here are some moments that Doc shared with us on WKMS in recent years: