Report: More Tennessee Private Prison Homicides Than Public

Jul 10, 2019

Credit John McAllister, 123rf stock photo
A report by prisoner advocacy groups says there have been 10 homicides in Tennessee's privately run state prisons since March 2014, versus five in state-run lockups.

Wednesday's report is by the Human Rights Defense Center and No Exceptions Prison Collective. It says Nashville-based private prison operator CoreCivic's state facilities had a homicide rate more than four times higher than public state facilities. CoreCivic spokeswoman Amanda Gilchrist says the report is misleading. She claims CoreCivic's facilities hold a higher concentration of dangerous inmates. However, Alex Friedmann of the Human Rights Defense Center notes that Tennessee's maximum security prisons are exclusively state-run. CoreCivic runs four Tennessee state prisons, while the state operates 10. On average, public prisons held 70% of Tennessee's prisoners over the timeframe studied.