Senator Joe Bowen Concerned Pension Reform Could Get Lost in Sexual Harassment Scandal

Nov 6, 2017

Sen. Joe Bowen

  Some Kentucky lawmakers fear the sexual harassment scandal involving former House Speaker Jeff Hoover and other Republican representatives will mean a setback for pension reform.

State Senator Joe Bowen said the current fallout in Frankfort threatens progress made toward shoring up the state’s critically underfunded retirement plans for public employees. The Owensboro Republican co-chairs the Public Pension Oversight Board, and said it’s disheartening to see pension reform lose momentum.

"We have spent so much time on this topic. The primary group that's been involved, we've spent countless hours, weekends, late nights. If it loses steam, I think it's really unfortunate," said Bowen.

Senator Bowen said he’s hopeful there will still be a special session before the end of the year. He doesn’t think pension reform can be accomplished in the regular session starting in January.

Creating a new two-year state budget is expected to take up most of the 2018 General Assembly.