Staffing Issues Discussed at Prosecutors Advisory Council Meeting

Aug 29, 2018

Credit Ikiryo / 123RF Stock Photo

Many Kentucky prosecutors are searching for ways to deal with expanding caseloads in their individual offices. The matter got attention on Wednesday as part of an annual conference with county and commonwealth’s attorneys.

More than 30 requests, some seeking additional funding and some previously tabled, came before the Prosecutors Advisory Council. Most all related to staffing issues. 

Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney and PAC member Chris Cohron says most prosecutors are seeing major increases in indictments, most tied to drug use. “Why does someone break into a house? By and large to get items to sell for drugs.  Why do people shoplift? To sell those items for drugs.  Why do people forge checks? To get money for drugs,” said Cohron.

Cohron says the drug epidemic across Kentucky is the driving force for the vast majority of crimes in the criminal justice system. 

He says the so called ‘rocket docket’ has helped greatly with triaging cases and getting offenders off to drug treatment sooner.

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