State Official Says Asian Carp Bow Fishing Tournament Won’t Make a Dent

Feb 11, 2014

A bow hunting Asian carp tournament is coming in May to reduce the fish’s population, but a state official says it won’t have a significant effect.

Fisherman James Story is coordinating the tournament in hopes of encouraging bow hunters to go after the carp. But Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources Fisheries Director Ron Brooks says there are just too many fish to make an impact in one day.

“It won’t make a significant dent, but that’s OK,” Brooks said. “Every little bit does help, and I’m certainly not going to discourage people from going out and bow fishing for them.”

Fisherman James Story says he’s seen fewer natural fish in recent years since the increase of carp.

“The Asian carp are taking our waters over, and they’re killing out our other species: the crappie, bass, catfish, spoonbill,” Story said. “It’s depleting the food chain for the little ones. I’m trying to make a difference. I know we’ll never get rid of them, but the more you take out that’s the less that reproduce.”

Story is trying to raise $5,000 for the tournaments prize money and is taking donations at BB&T Bank in Eddyville. The carp caught during the tournament are going to a Mississippi processor that uses the fish in pet food and fertilizer.