Study Finds TVA Generates 130K Jobs and $11.9B Annually Through Recreation, Property

May 2, 2017

Credit via TVA Facebook Page

A recent University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture study has revealed that the Tennessee Valley Authority generates $11.9 billion and 130,000 jobs each year through recreation and waterfront property.

The TVA-funded study concluded that the TVA also generates an additional $4.45 billion in labor income and $916 million in state and local taxes. TVA spokesperson Nick Morris said people visit the area to take part in a number of recreational activities, which the utility has been working to improve upon.

“We’re trying to reach out and improve these locations over the last few years. We’ve really stepped up our efforts to partner with municipalities, state improve a lot of our lake access areas.” Morris said.

Morris said the TVA stretches from just north of Knoxville, Tennessee 652 miles to Paducah, Kentucky. The study says TVA’s economic impact can be narrowed down to about one million dollars per shoreline mile.  

Full Disclosure: Nick Morris is a volunteer host on the WKMS music program Music from the Front Porch.