Tennessee Governor Proposes $30M to Improve School Safety

Mar 20, 2018

Credit Lukasz Stefanski / 123rf Stock Photo

Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has proposed $30.2 million to improve school safety.

In a news release Tuesday, Haslam's office says the money includes $25 million in nonrecurring and $5.2 million in recurring school safety grants.

Department of Finance and Administration Commissioner Larry Martin told a legislative panel that the money would be spread among mental health, law enforcement safety and education.

Martin said more details are being worked on, as a Haslam-appointed panel on school safety continues to meet regularly. Haslam expects the group's first recommendations before the legislative session's conclusion, likely next month.

The school safety money would come through Haslam's amendment for the 2018-2019 proposed budget.

The $83.8 million amendment also includes $3 million in nonrecurring money to help school districts buy school buses with seatbelts.