Tennessee Senator 'Not a Big Fan' of Arming Teachers at School

Mar 27, 2018

Credit koi88, 123rf Stock Photo

Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander says he's "not a big fan" of arming teachers at school, saying they have their hands full without carrying guns.

Alexander told reporters Monday he thinks teachers ought to teach and let policemen, including school resource officers, have the guns. He noted that pilots aren't armed on airplanes, but trained marshals are.

Alexander said the choice is up to states. Tennessee state lawmakers are considering legislation to let school districts decide whether to let teachers undergo training and carry guns at school.

President Donald Trump has promoted the idea of letting "gun-adept" teachers and staff carry concealed firearms at school, also saying the decision is up to states.

Alexander said making background checks more effective is the single, most practical first step Congress can take.