TN Dept. of Health Confirms Two Cases of Mumps on Fort Campbell

Apr 26, 2018

Credit 123RF Stock Photo

The Tennessee Department of Health has confirmed two cases of mumps at Fort Campbell.

Spokesperson Tabatha Vassey said the disease has a 12-day incubation period. She said the department is monitoring people who may have been exposed for possible symptoms. Vassey said people who suspect they may have the disease should see their healthcare provider and avoid contact with others.

“For signs and symptoms it will usually involve tenderness, swelling in one or both of the parotid salivary glands, which is in your cheek or jaw area,” she said. “Usually swelling is first visibly in the front-lower part of the ear and will extend downward and forward.”

Vassey said the swelling will usually peak in one to three days and subside in the following week. She said people may also get a low-grade fever that will last for three to four days.