Work of World-Renowned Hot Glass Artist Stephen Rolfe Powell On Exhibit in Cadiz

Jul 28, 2017

Credit Janice Mason Art Museum - JMAM, Facebook

On Sounds Good, Tracy Ross speaks with world-renowned hot glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell about his exhibit “Light Lunacy” currently on display at the Janice Mason Art Museum in Cadiz.


Powell discovered the art of glassblowing at the age of 28 and says it was love at first sight. The transparent quality of glass offered him a deeper level at which to explore his fascination with color. He says it is appropriate that his work is being exhibited in Cadiz during the solar eclipse as his work focuses around light and how it affects the color of his pieces.

Powell’s work separated into four chronological categories: Teasers, Whackos, Screamers, and Echoes. The symmetrical Teasers were influenced by the human body and represent his earliest work. During the American Studio Glass Movement, during which artists were developing their own techniques, Powell experimented with his technique to create the animal-influenced Whackos. He strayed from traditional glass blowing to explore asymmetry in this collection. The Screamers continued in the asymmetrical fashion. Powell continued experimenting with his technique for this collection, blowing the pieces partially upside down. Finally, Powell returned to traditional glass blowing techniques with the Echoes. He says the bowl pieces were the most difficult to make. Each has a pedestal designed to allow light to show through the bowl, focusing attention on the colors of refracted light.


The glass works will be displayed at the Janice Mason Art Museum through August 26th. Powell will attend a reception at the museum on August 26th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Samples of Powell’s work can also be viewed online at