Sounds Good

11 am - 1 pm Weekdays
  • Hosted by Tracy Ross, Austin Carter

About The Show

The music on Sounds Good is a mix of legacy artists who are still making great music now (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt) deep cuts from classic artists (The Band, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, REM) great contemporary artists who don' t receive commercial airplay (Neko Case, Wilco, Jack White, Darrell Scott, The Black Keys) and those who defy the boundaries of categorization (Punch Brothers, Bela Fleck, Ry Cooder, Bill Frisell, Justin Townes Earle). You'll also get a bit of World music, Blues, Soul/R&B, Reggae and Jazz.

Additionally, you'll hear interviews with newsmakers and community leaders, live music from some of our region's best musicians, our community events calendar and more.

Playhouse in the Park /

As social distancing guidelines continue into the summer months, summer camps are being forced to find new ways to adapt their traditional format. Lisa Cope, executive director of Murray's Playhouse in the Park, speaks with Tracy Ross about Playhouse's upcoming summer camp program and the process of transitioning to an online format for the first time. 

Land Between the Lakes /

This week marks the beginning of the second encore airing of Constance Alexander's Connecting People and Place, a thirteen-part series about the former residents of Between the Rivers. Alexander speaks with Tracy Ross about the creation and interviewing process of the oral history project.

Before there was Land Between the Lakes, there was Between the Rivers. Starting this Thursday, WKMS will revisit a documentary series about the cluster of small communities nestled between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers prior to the creation of the national recreational area.

Aaron Schwartz /

This Monday, Sounds Good honors the men and women of the U.S. military with two one-hour Memorial Day specials by The Washington Post and BYUradio of Provo, Utah's Brigham Young University. 

ReedleyMom /

Why'd the turtle cross the road? More importantly, is it safe to move it to the other side? LBL Woodlands Nature Station lead naturalist, John Pollpeter, speaks to Tracy Ross about the diverse turtle population of Land Between the Lakes and how to identify and approach turtles in the wild.

Across the country, businesses are reopening according to state-specific guidelines and phases. Entertainment, art, and culture-related businesses are the last to open in almost every state. Executive director of Paducah, Kentucky's Market House Theater, Michael Cochran, speaks with Tracy Ross about how the theater is adapting their business model to fit within the pandemic's boundaries.

Todd Birdsong / Clemens Fine Arts Center

The performing, musical, and visual art communities have been hit especially hard by COVID-19 shutdowns. In an effort to support local artists (many of whom have been forced to cancel most, if not all, upcoming performances), WKCTC's Clemens Fine Arts Center has partnered with 19 regional musicians to create the "Inside Out" project. Todd Birdsong, Clemens Fine Arts Center director, speaks to Tracy Ross about the weekly online series.

McCracken County Public Library /

While libraries across western Kentucky are temporarily closed, many are offering continued library access through digital services. McCracken County Public Library director, Susan Baier, speaks with Tracy Ross about the library's new, virtual format.

Elevate /

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted small and large businesses alike, dramatically altering the supply chain and forcing many to close their doors. Teresa Betts, Murray State University professor of logistics and supply chain management, speaks with Tracy Ross about how the global supply chain has been affected by the worldwide pandemic.

Mike.Shots /

Under quarantine, days and weeks can quickly melt together into one giant, endless weekend. Feeling unmotivated, unorganized, or untethered is not uncommon - in fact, it's our body's natural response to stress. Murray State professor of psychology, Dr. Michael Bordieri, talks to Tracy Ross about how to alleviate some of that stress through building and maintaining a daily routine.