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About The Show

The music on Sounds Good is a mix of legacy artists who are still making great music now (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt) deep cuts from classic artists (The Band, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, REM) great contemporary artists who don' t receive commercial airplay (Neko Case, Wilco, Jack White, Darrell Scott, The Black Keys) and those who defy the boundaries of categorization (Punch Brothers, Bela Fleck, Ry Cooder, Bill Frisell, Justin Townes Earle). You'll also get a bit of World music, Blues, Soul/R&B, Reggae and Jazz.

Additionally, you'll hear interviews with newsmakers and community leaders, live music from some of our region's best musicians, our community events calendar and more.

Murray State Opera Theatre Ensemble /

The Murray State University Department of Music and Department of Theatre and Global Languages presents the hastily written, but nonetheless carefully crafted, two-act Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The Pirates of Penzance. The director of the show and several cast members visit the Sounds Good studio to discuss the upcoming production.

Dixie Lynn

Musician, songwriter, folklorist, and honorable Kentucky Colonel, Nathan Blake Lynn, brings his American roots music to Sounds Good's next Live Lunch installment ahead of his Backstage Pass performance at the Clemens Fine Arts Center.

Pixabay /

Sounds Good has explored what it means to be a sports fan, basking in reflective glory (BIRGing), and cutting off reflective failures (CORFing) - this week, Tracy Ross and Murray State professor of psychology, Dan Wann, Ph.D., go to the origin of sport fandom: how one becomes socialized into being a fan.

Pacific Southwest Region USFWS, CC by 2.0 /

November is National Bald Eagle month, and Land Between the Lakes provides bird-watchers and national symbol-lovers alike with ample opportunities to see these large birds in their natural habitat. John Pollpeter, lead naturalist at the LBL Woodlands Nature Station, visits Sounds Good to discuss eagles and how to find them.

Janice Morgan /

When Janice Morgan learns that her son has been arrested for possession of a stolen firearm and drug charges, she feels like she's living a nightmare. Her son's turbulent journey through anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder showed Morgan the importance of seeking a better understanding of mental health and the recovery process. Morgan visits Sounds Good to discuss her son, their relationship and lives, and her memoir, Suspended Sentence, that recounts it all.

Wikimedia /

For the second installment of "The History of Democracy," Murray State professor of history, David Pizzo, Ph.D., visits Sounds Good to discuss the history of apartheid in South Africa and the democracy born from incredible racial tension and violence.

Mohamed Hassan /

The list of all possible fears and phobias seems to go on forever. An estimated 9.1% (19 million) U.S. adults have at least one phobia. Murray State professor of psychology, Michael Bordieri, Ph.D., visits Sounds Good to discuss fear and why it might be better to embrace fear than avoid it.

German First World War Official Exchange Collection /

At the end of the First World War (1918-1919), Germany experienced a powerful revolution in which the monarchy was overthrown and replaced with a democratic government system. Murray State University professor of history, David Pizzo, Ph.D., visits Sounds Good to discuss the revolution in the first installment of a new series, "The History of Democracy."

Hopkinsville Community College /

Hopkinsville, Kentucky native, Ted Poston, is commonly referred to as the "Dean of Black Journalism." Poston will be celebrated in "Our Town Hoptown: African American Voices" as part of Hopkinsville's annual Big Read. Founder and editor of the Hoptown Chronicle, Jennifer Brown, visits Sounds Good to discuss the program and the man behind it.

Carson Center/McKynleigh Abraham /

Paducah native, McKynleigh Abraham, spent her early acting years performing on the Market House Theatre stage. Years later, Abraham will return to Paducah to perform at the Carson Center with the touring production of the Tony award-winning musical, Once on This Island. Abraham visits Sounds Good to discuss the show, her Paducah roots, and how it feels to be returning as a professional actor.