Sounds Good

11 am - 1 pm Weekdays
  • Hosted by Tracy Ross, Austin Carter

About The Show

The music on Sounds Good is a mix of legacy artists who are still making great music now (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt) deep cuts from classic artists (The Band, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, REM) great contemporary artists who don' t receive commercial airplay (Neko Case, Wilco, Jack White, Darrell Scott, The Black Keys) and those who defy the boundaries of categorization (Punch Brothers, Bela Fleck, Ry Cooder, Bill Frisell, Justin Townes Earle). You'll also get a bit of World music, Blues, Soul/R&B, Reggae and Jazz.

Additionally, you'll hear interviews with newsmakers and community leaders, live music from some of our region's best musicians, our community events calendar and more.

Rowland Scherman/U.S. National Archives and Records Administration / Wikimedia Commons

Sounds Good will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by honoring the minister and activist's legacy with two special presentations from PRX on Monday, January 18th. 

Erin Wilson/Reveal / PRX

WKMS celebrates the start of 2021 with a week of special programs. From an infamous drug rehabilitation facility to a recap of the sounds, emotions, and music of the previous year, these programs from the BBC and PRX reflect on the past and how it might shape the year ahead. 

Rauschenberger /

Land Between the Lakes is home to several hundred coyotes, though these small to medium-sized canines are more often heard than seen. Woodlands Nature Station's lead naturalist, John Pollpeter, speaks with Tracy Ross about these "tricky" creatures who have now colonized 49 out of 50 states. 

IMDb /

Murray State University's Theatre Department presents a radio rendition of the 1946 classic film It's a Wonderful Life this Thursday, December 10th. Assistant Professor of Theatre, Daryl Phillipy, speaks with Tracy Ross about the cast's COVID-friendly rehearsal process and upcoming performance. 

Luke Taylor / Youtube

Western Kentucky musician Luke Taylor has played with several local bands, including WKMS veterans Leonard the Band and The Cuttin' Jessies. Taylor's solo album was set to release as COVID-19 shuttered venues nationwide in early spring. He speaks with Tracy Ross about making music during a pandemic; his new rock band, Pep Talk; and finally releasing his self-titled EP. 

Land Between the Lakes /

The Land Between the Lakes area is home to a vast array of flora and fauna, and the many hiking trails that weave in and out of the forests and lakeshores are great places to view wildlife up close. John Pollpeter, lead naturalist at the Woodlands Nature Station, speaks with Tracy Ross about the hiking trails available for exploring across its 170,000 acres. 

American Public Media /

Sounds Good celebrates the holiday season with four seasonal specials starting Wednesday, November 25th. From turkeys to music to saving the planet, these special presentations from American Public Media, PRX, and the BBC will air through Friday afternoon. 

IMDb /

Associate Professor of Theatre at Murray State University, Daryl Phillipy, was recently cast in two independent films, both of which are now available for streaming. Phillipy speaks with Tracy Ross about his roles and the auditioning and filming process. 

Old Kentucky Tales / WKMS

Old Kentucky Tales returns to the airwaves for its seventh season this fall. Hosts Brent Taylor and Jason Donner and producer Todd Birdsong speak to Tracy Ross about the upcoming season and the process of making a podcast highlighting stories and history of the commonwealth.

Sierra Club Kentucky / Facebook

Due to COVID-19, the Kentucky chapter of the Sierra Club's annual gathering has been switched to a virtual format for the first time. Club member John Griffin speaks to Tracy Ross about the chapter's first public, virtual gathering, the events' speakers, and this year's overarching theme of social justice and reform.