Something From Nothing

  • Local Host Justin Lewis

"Something from Nothing" is a local podcast about local makers for local listeners.

The show is about the creative process that many local artists employ when creating their works. You'll hear from musicians, potters, poets, print makers and more. Subscribe to our season. 

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  Richard Parker is this week’s guest on Something from Nothing. His love of history led to publishing a book about the Wild World of the Jackson Purchase. Richard describes how he got to be so interested in past events of our region and the circumstances that led to him publishing a book about it.

Musician Patrick Carrico's story of how he moved from Hollywood to Paducah, KY is the focus of this week's episode. 

Hear how music played a role in a major life change and stay tuned to the end for a live performance from Patrick.

In this bonus episode of Something From Nothing, WKMS employees Asia Burnett and Tracy Ross join host Justin Lewis to preview some of the music that will be at the Lowertown arts and music festival. 

Also included in the episode will be other parts of the festival Asia and Tracy are looking forward to. 

The festival begins this Thursday night and runs through Saturday. Check for details. 

This week on Something from Nothing is tobacco pipe maker Scott Thile. Hear how this pipe artisan has gone from enjoying a pipe smoke to being a distinguished maker. Scott also shares how family has made an impact on his pipe crafting journey.

Paducah native and Lexington, Kentucky resident Kate Hadfield-Antonneti has created a dance company called Movement Continuum. Hear how she has blended The White Stripes, children’s stories, and dance to create her own style of art.

Something From Nothing: How Josh Coffey Makes Art

Apr 24, 2019

Something from Nothing returns with local musician Josh Coffey. This week, how a fast food restaurant and grief changed the course of a musical career.

Tune in to hear about Josh’s career in a few different bands and what reignited his love for music as an adult. He also gives the history of Time on the String.

This week's episode is the Season Four Finale. Host Justin Lewis saves the best for last with the episode exploring the knitting and sewing habits of his wife, Erin Lewis. 

The distinguished knitter discusses her inspiration for learning how to knit, her wardrobe goals, and #whereerinknits.

And, yes, that scarf was knit for the host. 

This week on Something from Nothing is author and professor Crystal Wilkinson. On the show she discusses her book Water Street and common misconceptions she faces as an author. Crystal ends the episode by talking about a unique location she wrote much of Water Street. 

This week on Something from Nothing is the story of fiber artist and instructor Lauren Taylor. Lauren discusses how she got into sewing, knitting, and teaching. Also, hear about Google coming to Lauren for information. 

On the show this week Paul Lorenz, an abstract artist, discusses his story to becoming a professional artist. He also describes the evolution that occured that led him to music composition and what drew him to move from San Francisco to Paducah.