Something From Nothing

  • Local Host Justin Lewis

"Something from Nothing" is a local podcast about local makers for local listeners.

The show is about the creative process that many local artists employ when creating their works. You'll hear from musicians, potters, poets, print makers and more. Subscribe to our season. 

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 Aaron Potter is the guest on this week’s Something from Nothing. WKMS listeners may remember Aaron as a runner up in the 2017 singer-songwriter competition. The artist talks about performing live; including a humorous story about a memorable gig early in his performing career. He also recalls the moment he knew he wanted to perform music in front of a crowd.

The guitarist also talks about songwriting and ends the show with one of his originals.


This week on Something from Nothing Tanya Gadbaw-Nietsky talks painting.

She starts by explaining how she was first drawn to art. Pun intended.


Now, her primary focus is paint and it took her a little while but she has found what it is that most inspires her.


She describes her residency and a few of her series’ before discussing her favorite painting to end the episode.


Jonas Neihoff

Jonas Neihoff is the guest this week on Something from Nothing. He discusses the creative process of starting a business.

The first part of the episode tells the story of how Socially Present started. This includes the exact moment in time when he got the idea, how he told his wife Shelly, and the way they were able to make it through the difficult first year.

Solid Rock'it Boosters


In October Something from Nothing recorded a live episode at McCracken County Public Library. The first half—released last week—featured Kacie Slack.


The second half was an interview and musical performance by the Solid’Rockit Boosters.

After a song the band wrote that day was performed a lively entertaining conversation ensued. The guys shared a well told story about their most memorable gig, how the band formed, their creative side and humor were evident. The closing song had the crowd clapping along.



In October the McCracken County Public Library hosted a live taping of the show. This is the first of two interviews from that event.

Kacie talked about when she really became interested in pursuing painting. Other topics of conversation included her experience painting before a live audience. This wasn’t the only time she has painted in front of others, she talks about how she handles that pressure.

She talks about the creative process--of course--and how she developed the idea for the painting she performed live in front of the audience.


Justin Lewis


This episode of Something from Nothing features artist Jerry Phillips. The son of two immigrants, one of which is retired military.


Jerry starts by telling the story of how his parents made it to Kentucky and describes what it is like for him to have grown up in a home influenced by the Pacific Islands.

Justin Lewis


Andy Wiggins--brewer of beer--is the guest on this week’s episode of Something from Nothing. The interview took place at Dry Ground Brewing Company where he brews. At the time of the interview he was brewing on a more regular basis, but he still does some beer making for Dry Ground.

In the show, Andy explains how he got into brewing and he talks about the learning process of beer making. He gave a specific example of a time when he made a beer lower than his expectations and then how he redeemed himself.


On Something from Nothing this week, we hear from published poet  Amelia Martens.  Amelia talks about publication from the perspective of an author. She gives insight on how being a poet was different after the success of having her first book published.


Amelia talks about her first recollection of using poetry. She describes this fascinating story about how she used writing a poem as a means of dealing with an emotionally overwhelming moment. This process of using poetry continues today.

Justin Lewis


The Savage Radley, a band composed of Shaina Goodman and Stephen Knox Montgomery are featured on this week’s edition of Something from Nothing.

The show covers the origin of the band as each member of the band gives their account. Shaina reflects on her pre-The Savage Radley musical career. The band talks about playing live and lessons learned about performing.

Stephen talks about all the different ways he is involved in the music business and points out which makes him most comfortable and is more enjoyable to him.

The inspiration of a song and the accompanying music video is covered in the episode.

The show ends with a song request by yours truly.

Justin Lewis


  Tommy Stewart, this week’s guest on Something from Nothing, is an up and coming photographer. He talks about his first foray into photography as a child and a very memorable moment that drew him towards his focus when photographing objects.

Stewart emphasizes the importance of light in capturing photos and this is a thread throughout the interview, and he shares his artistic journey to fit photography into his life including seclusion from the outside world.