Something From Nothing

  • Local Host Justin Lewis

"Something from Nothing" is a local podcast about local makers for local listeners.

The show is about the creative process that many local artists employ when creating their works. You'll hear from musicians, potters, poets, print makers and more. Subscribe to our season. 

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In this special edition of Something from Nothing, host Justin Lewis sits down with a few local musicians to preview the upcoming music at the Lowertown Arts and Music Festival. During episode one of two shows recorded at Loud and Clear studios--Friday night’s music is featured. The musicians that join Justin are Stephen Montgomery of The Savage Radley, Jeran Simmons of Fairseas, and Luke Taylor of Leonard the Band--who play the main stage Friday evening.


This week’s show was recorded inside the Yeiser Art Center, located in downtown Paducah. The YAC is currently under Stacey’s care as she is the curator and director. In this episode Stacey is gives insight on how the collection and arranging of pieces in a museum is a form of art.

Jay Holland


This episode of “Something from Nothing” was recorded at the home of Luke Taylor, in the area of his house where he does much of his song writing and practicing. Luke, with his acoustic guitar in his lap, talked with host Justin Lewis about his music career.

Tommy Stewart


In the second installment of “Something from Nothing” Grace Yocum is the guest. The barista, and artist of several types, discusses many of her artistic endeavors. The episode is recorded in her apartment, the place where she creates much of her art, especially painting.

Something From Nothing: Episode 1 Daniel Neihoff

Apr 19, 2017
Facebook-Daniel Nehoff

  In this premier episode, recorded in host Justin Lewis’ historic dining room, “Something From Nothing” features guest Daniel Neihoff. Primarily, Daniel is a web designer for Socially Present but the show focused on his music. The “up and comer” covered topics that place him in the unique position of having impressive feats accomplished, yet still with much more to experience.