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Kentucky Mesonet Prepares For Statewide Solar Eclipse Data Collection

Kentucky Mesonet via Facebook

A Bowling Green Meteorology hub is recording data every three seconds during the total solar eclipse at stations across the commonwealth.

Kentucky Mesonet Systems Meteorologist Patrick Collins said the network is recording temperature, wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation at intervals quicker than the hub has ever measured. He said Mesonet’s normal operations gather and display data every five minutes and the concept of doing three-second intervals is new.

“We’re one of the first people to think of doing a project this large, especially on a statewide system,” Collins said.

Collins said the project will harness five million data points for research. Mesonet will display on their website live maps and graphs in real-time. Collins said this effort is one of the center’s first major projects. Kentucky Mesonet is part of the Kentucky Climate Center and monitors 68 weather stations across the state.

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