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Classical Pathways
Sundays at 9 a.m., Wednesdays at 2 p.m. and Saturdays at 6 p.m. (on the Classical Channel)

George Eldred says: To me, the Classical 24 satellite service, airing on the WKMS HD-2 channel offering excellent programming, is like a “blank slate.” To overwrite part of that slate we’ve added shows like “From the Top” and “Performance Today” with their distinctive look at classical music. And to add another variation to C-24, I’m pleased to offer another local program which joins “Classical Encore.”

A pathway can lead just about anywhere so who knows where we might end up. The journey is the thing! The premier takes us through time musically from sunrise to night. Other examples might be music from a given locale, perhaps a musical “cruise” calling at many ports, or a “genealogy” looking at composers and those who studied under them.

We have a great classical library here at WKMS and it’s great to get some more use out of it. But there is a large number of LP records many of which we don’t have on CD or are not available on CD so expect to hear some of those. Also I hope to preview pieces performed by the Paducah Symphony Orchestra prior to their performances.

Each program will air 3 times per week with the new edition on Sundays. Listen on-air on 88.9 Murray, 92.5 Paducah, and 105.1 Madisonville or stream at Sundays at 9am, Wednesdays at 2pm, and Saturdays at 6pm.

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