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Beer sales see rapid growth in Murray

Package sales of beer are skyrocketing in Murray, according to one of the region's largest distributors. Golden Eagle Distributing transports all Anheuser-Busch Products in the Purchase area. The company is already having to extend its sales routes to almost triple the amount of locations. Company president Mark Meisenheimer  says the company has never seen this large an increase in sales and expects business will only keep growing.

“The first week and a half, two weeks were very hectic," Meisenheimer said. "One day we had to go to Murray three times because we had others opening up. But we are getting a better handle on it and the retailers and their stores are getting a better handle and getting the right products in there and the right quantities. So it’s evening out a bit.”

Meisenheimer  says he expects to see another jump in sales this spring as liquor stores open and tavern licenses are issued. Murray residents voted in July to allow package alcohol sales in addition to liquor by the drink sales.

“We’ve just been delivering the last couple of weeks," he says. "I think  the first week we just had three stores open and we had about 1,700 of sales that week. It is quite a big difference. We are spending a lot of time in Murray.”

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