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Ways to Save Energy, Conserve Electricity


With winter weather comes another opportunity to save energy around the home.  In so doing, it can also help utilities conserve electricity.   Old power hungry and heat generating appliances can drive up the monthly electric bill.  Kentucky Utilities Spokeswoman Liz Pratt says it can be a sizeable cost.

“In about 70 percent of the home energy use can be used in the heating and cooling of appliances.  So, that is a significant amount of monthly energy usage going to heating and cooling appliances,” said Pratt.

The number of customers in 77 counties served by Kentucky Utilities continues to grow.  Also growing is need for energy conservation.  

“Our customer energy demand continues to grow annually.  So participating in these programs, in turn, customers help maintain a ready supply of energy for our communities,” added Pratt.

Those programs include on-line and in-home energy audits, recycling old, inefficient appliances, and properly replacing furnace filters.   Pratt says these steps can delay the need for new power plants.

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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