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Two Warren Co. Men Return From Relief Mission to Nepal

Signedbo(Manzil Poudar)
Wikimedia Commons

The two will be flying home Friday after spending a week in a remote Nepal village helping villagers rebuild after last week's devastating second earthquake and teaching the villagers how to help themselves. 

Tony Rheaume and Lucas Hughes are members of the Woodburn Baptist Church. Church members, family and friends helped fund their relief mission Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International.

The group had to drive five hours out of Kathmandu and then walk another three through the mountains just to reach the village of about 100 people.

"When we came through the mountains, we were real high up so when you looked down it was beautiful, lush land with terraced fields and even aqueducts cut through the mountains," Rheaume said, "It was beautiful until you got close and then, from the front, the houses look perfectly fine, you go to the back of the house and the walls are all gone."

They found the locals sleeping on cots or mats in tents. They were able to build 19 metal shelters and leave enough material for the villagers to build as many as 40 more. There was no loss of life.

The two also brought toys for the children, some ready to eat meals and a "care package" of Oreos and Fruit Loops.

Hughes says they'll spend Thursday helping doctors in a Kathmandu clinic before flying out Friday.

Speaking by satellite phone to WKU Public Radio, Hughes said "There's probably people in need of serious medical attention, but at the same time there are people who've gotten that attention and are beginning to heal themselves."

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