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USO Fort Campbell Reopens in New, Larger Facility

USO Fort Campbell, Facebook

The Fort Campbell United Service Organizations Center is holding a ceremony Friday for the opening of their new location designed to better accommodate programming.

USO Fort Campbell began the transition to a larger facility early this month and opened last Wednesday. Center director Cari Moore said the new space offers entertainment and food to active duty service members and programs for those deploying and returning.


“We do a bye-bye bag program where we go to the flightline and we hand them a small bag of snacks and hygiene kits,” Moore said. “When they come back in--the single soldiers--often times the unit will request support from us to put stuff in their barracks.”


Moore said a few hundred service members have used the new center since its opening. USO Fort Campbell has served more than 350,000 service members since its establishment in 2011. USO Fort Campbell will celebrate the opening of the new USO center with a ceremony Friday morning 9 a.m. followed by a reception and lunch.

For civilians wishing to support the military, Moore said there are volunteer opportunities through USO centers.

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