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[Audio] Accessible Murray Campaign Keeps Chugging Despite Summer Lull

Accessible Murray's Facebook Page

A local campaign to make Murray more accessible for people with disabilities has slowed down this summer due to lack of volunteers.

Carissa Johnson is Lead Independent Living Specialist at the Center for Accessible Living in Murray. She said the brunt of their groundwork is done by Murray State University students who aren’t around during the summer months. Student volunteers conduct surveys and check businesses for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They then distribute stickers designating compliant spaces.

"Those students have been essential in reaching businesses and helping us with surveys and educational ideas. We are an office of three individuals, so it's a little hard to put on big projects without the volunteers' time and effort," Johnson said.

She said residents can’t usually devote as much time to the campaign. Most students’ volunteer time is already factored into their social work and nonprofit leadership curriculums.

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