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Trains Collide, Derail in Georgetown - 4 People Injured

Stu Johnson, WEKU News


Norfolk Southern says it is moving derailed freight cars off the tracks after two trains collided in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The company said in a statement on Monday that four train crew members taken to the hospital after the crash as a precaution have been released with no injuries, though one employee is still being evaluated.

Officials say the trains collided head-on late Sunday, derailing both locomotives and 13 cars. Lexington Fire Department spokeswoman Lt. Jessica Bowman said nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution, but were allowed to return home once officials determined there was no safety risk.

Norfolk Southern said it is working to clear and repair the track and have it back in service Tuesday.


The investigation continues Monday into a train accident near Georgetown, Kentucky. The collision of two Norfolk Southern freight trains occurred just before midnight Sunday. 

There was a temporary evacuation of nearby residents. Minor injuries have been reported with no reports of any hazardous chemical leakage.

Billy Covington lives less than a quarter mile from the track. “I was watching the NCAA tournament and I heard a loud noise. Then I heard the explosion, so I came outside. Those engines were on fire," Covington said. He said three people on the train came to his house. He called for an ambulance for one of the injured.

Scott County Assistant Fire Chief James Kanavy said there were some cars carrying hazardous materials, but they were not involved in the derailment.

Credit Stu Johnson, WEKU News

Kanavy said this accident is a first for him. “Train derailments? In my 25 years, this is it. Well, I shouldn’t say that. We had one that was in the city that two cars came undone, but it was not at this magnitude.”

Norfolk Southern Railroad Spokeswoman Susan Terpay said 13 rail cars and locomotives from both trains derailed.

Early reports indicated one train was stationary at the time of the collision. Terpay said both trains were moving at the time of the collision.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Credit Stu Johnson, WEKU News

This story has been updated.  

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