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Helper Spotlight: Art Classes Make Social Distancing Less Lonely


In a time where we're all a little stressed, sometimes it's nice to look to the good news. So, as Mr. Rogers said, we're "looking for the helpers".

Today we'd like to highlight Murray listener and art teacher, Ann Gosser. While "social distancing" at home, she started a video art class for other children in the community. With Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration, she helped guide young viewers through drawing pictures of their bedrooms.

"I love teaching kid's classes," Gosser said, "I thought I would do this and see some of my friends in Murray hop on, but then all of these people came on, even a friend I have in Sweden. It's awesome about how many people are connecting."

Gosser was surprised by the amount of interest in her videos, and is starting her own youtube channel and Ooooh So Nice Art Class Facebook page to accommodate more families with her free classes for parents and kids who are in an unfamiliar situation learning at home.

She uses books for inspiration, enjoys walking people through projects and tries to sprinkle a little art history in the mix. Of course, having an assistant helps - 5 year old Maybellene is home with Gosser too - and lets those watching know that, "Mess-ups are okay".

Credit Ann Gosser

Asia Burnett is the WKMS Interim Station Manager .