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Gov. Andy Beshear Says COVID-19 Related Deaths Trending Downward


Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear reported deaths and general hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in the state are trending down, in an online Saturday update on the virus. Kentucky has 244 new cases of coronavirus and two deaths related to the virus. 

“So today, you know, cases are up and we'll watch,” Beshear said. “But again, deaths and overall hospitalizations seem to generally be down.” 

Out of the 244 new cases, eight are out of west Kentucky: three in Calloway County, two in Henderson County, one in McCracken County, and one in McLean County. One of the coronavirus related deaths reported was a 90-year-old woman from Muhlenberg County. The total number of Kentuckians who have died from the coronavirus is now 334. 

The number of active intensive care unit patients with COVID-19 in the state has also increased to 270. 

“We got to be thinking about those folks. We got to watch that number, but know that 270 Kentuckians are in intensive care right now. Let's make sure that we are supporting their families,” Beshear said.

The state has performed a total of 129,405 COVID-19 tests. There has been a total 2,768 confirmed coronavirus recoveries.

Beshear reported in long term care facilities, there are 13 new residents and 13 new staff who have tested positive for COVID-19. There were five newly reported coronavirus related deaths.

“The importance here is that if we want to reopen this economy, we want to do it safely,” Beshear said. “We got to remember that there's still a virus out there, and it spreads aggressively to certain populations that can be deadly.” 


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