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Beshear Reports Growing Coronavirus Case Numbers


During Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s June 4 press conference he reported the daily number of new coronavirus cases is continuing to rise. He also addressed the racial disparities of the coronavirus, committed to trying to create equality in health care opportunities, and the controversial statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the state capitol. 

“They are elevated from where we were going, for more than a week,” Beshear said. He reported 295 new cases of coronavirus in Kentucky. The total number of cases in the Commonwealth is now 10,700. Of the newly reported cases, 226 of are probable, and the rest are lab confirmed. The state has tested a total of 262,714. 

The number of people currently hospitalized due to coronavirus is 518. The number of recovered coronavirus patients is 3,303

Beshear reported eight coronavirus related deaths for June 4. 

“Remember that this is an aggressively spreading deadly disease,” Beshear said. “Our total number of folks that we have lost is now 458. That's 458 families, 458 communities that need compassion.” 

Beshear addressed how the coronavirus is disproportionately affecting black Kentuckians. 


“We can see the disparities and the racial impact of this virus. And it's not the virus that does it,” Beshear said. “It's our society that shows how unequal access not just to health care but to so many other resources, results when you're in a pandemic.”

Beshear committed his administration to trying to create equality in health care opportunities.  

“You're going to see this administration fully committed, trying to create equality in our health care opportunities, whether that is access, whether it is coverage, it is more than time,” Beshear said. “For a governor that believes health care is a basic human right. It's time for me to step up and prove it. And it's time for this administration to not only believe in it, but act upon it.” 

According to Beshear, President Trump has called on governors to dominate the streets. Trump said he would deploy the military to locations around the country where local officials are unable to control the unrest. Beshear said he believes military deployment to Kentucky is unnecessary. 

In Kentucky’s State Capitol there is a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  in the Kentucky Capitol. During the June 4 press conference Beshear he does not support the statue being in the state capitol building. 

“I believe that Jefferson Davis statue is a symbol that divides us,” Beshear said. “And right now seeing so much pain in our state and across our country. We want to have compassion for all pain. And we understand that it is the very least so hurtful to them, and doesn't that at least justify it not sitting where it does right now? I don't think it should be in the Capitol rotunda.”

Beshear reported that the number of people signing up for testing at state and Kroger run testing sites has been decreasing. He said he is scared of “testing fatigue”. 

“I will tell you one thing I'm concerned about is testing fatigue. Do people continue to go to get tests?” Beshear said. “Well, if you're running a business, you want your employees to continue to go to get tested so that someone who's asymptomatic doesn't spread it throughout the office or or the factory, or the environment that they work in. It's important that we continue to get people tested and sign ups at least in the Kroger sites are slowing. That's a concern for me.” 

Beshear said if Kentuckians comply, the state has the means and ability to reopen successfully under the metrics provided by the White House. 


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