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Calloway County Public Library Closed for Construction Until Early May

Calloway County Public Library construction 2022
Darnell Steel
The Calloway County Public Library will be temporarily closed due to construction until early May.

The Calloway County Public Library will be closed now through early May as it completes the next step in its ongoing construction project. Tracy Ross speaks to Sandi Linn, acquisitions/collection development manager and community relations coordinator for CCPL, about the temporary closure.

"We've come a long way on the construction project, and we've maintained our business hours throughout several months of project work. But we've gotten to a point now where it's just not safe for this next phase. This next phase includes a lot of things like big cranes, steel trusses, heat and air units coming off of the building. They need the parking lot, they need space, and they need us to be out so we can be safe," Linn explains.

Linn says the library offers 24/7 digital resources in place of in-person services. "That includes any of our online databases, the music, the movies, the audiobooks, the e-books. If you have things that you need help with, you can e-mail us, or you can leave us a message."

"Beginning April 12, we'll be doing some remote service days offsite at the Murray Women's Clubhouse. We'll be down on the lower level," Linn continues. "We'll have wireless devices where we can offer short little internet sessions. We'll have a couple of laptop computers. We'll have material folks can check in and check out. Our notaries will be there."

Linn says those with checked-out materials can return them on one of the library's remote service days or at the drop-off location at the University Church of Christ. Or, Linn adds, "they can hold onto them because we extended the due dates. All the fines and fees—we're not going to do any of those until further notice."

"The projected project completion is the end of this year. So, we are hopeful that we won't have too many more of these closures. We're just going to go each week. We're going to see what [the construction company] says, and we're going to do the very best we can for our community."

Linn says that while the closures are not ideal, the completed project will be worth it in the end. "It's doubled in size, and we're excited about that. It's exciting. It's a lot to see."

For more information on the Calloway County Public Library, visit its website.

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