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Why we are WKMS sustainers: Don and Robin Oakley


We initially found WKMS by accident many years ago. We won’t say how many years but we have been avid listeners and supporters ever since.  We started donating during the on-air fundraisers.  I know this sounds crazy but we enjoyed the jovial banter (officer Harley always made us chuckle), and the excitement of a chance to win…it didn’t matter what…just a chance to WIN! 

Eventually, during the fundraiser seasons, a station volunteer would call before the on-air portion trying to get us to donate.  I would explain that we would rather call in to donate during the on-air portion…you know…for that chance to win!  Also, it was a lot of fun to hear the progress of the mini goals slowly being met and to know that we were part of the process. 

But, a few years after WKMS began the sustainer program we eventually participated and while it is not as fun as calling in, we feel proud to know that our efforts help give WKMS a source of income they can count on year after year, even if we let a few fundraiser seasons slip by.  

WKMS has played a big part in our life here in Kentucky.  We can’t imagine living without it.  It kept me company for 25 years on my daily commute to and from work in Hopkinsville. Science Fridays gave me interesting facts and I would always share the more fascinating ones with my students! I shed many a tear listening to Story Corps.  The interviews captivated me with their personal and poignant topics.  Many of the stories on All Things Considered were also eye openers. We both still share many of these stories with family and friends by finding the pieces on your website.  This always leads to interesting and lively conversations. 

One of the yearly traditions that both my husband and I enjoy is the April Fool’s Day stories.  We listen all morning and afternoon as we go about our day.  When we see each other again in the evening, we try to figure out which one was the joke.  Sometimes we pick it and other times we don’t. The first year I heard this was on my way to work one morning.  A story came on about porting your zip code with you when you move.  I was listening absentmindedly and before you know It, I was in hook, line, and sinker!  I was fooled until the very end.  I can’t believe I fell for it but it was so well done.  My husband admitted that when he heard the story that day, he was also taken in.  This one is well worth checking out.

These are just small snippets of why we are helping to sustain WKMS not to mention the great music and in-depth stories on every topic imaginable.  We always have something interesting to contribute to conversations because of it.  WKMS is the only radio station we listen to in our vehicles locally and there are at least two radios on most of the day at home: one in the house and one in the garage (that one serves as our watch dog). WKMS has been with us through the years giving us laughter, entertainment, and teaching us. We are so glad to have stumbled across WKMS and being a sustainer is one way we can give back for everything WKMS has given us! 

A final thought: we still enjoy the on-air fundraising banter and we still like winning!