2018 Election


The field is set for this year’s political races in Kentucky. Teachers are hopeful that a good showing during statehouse primary elections will lead to more success in the fall. And all eyes will be on Kentucky this year to watch the congressional race between retired fighter pilot Amy McGrath and incumbent Congressman Andy Barr.

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A retired Marshall County teacher is facing one of her former students for the 6th District State House Seat in the November midterm election.

Donald Trump and his party are gearing up for a hard-fought midterm election. But the president loves to campaign and has already started to raise lots of money and hold lots of big rallies for Republicans.

It's part of a larger playbook that his advisers think can keep the GOP in power this fall, and they think so far it's on track despite the president's tendency to go off script on Twitter or during political speeches.

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A 43-year-old Kentucky lawyer running for judge collapsed and died the day after he got the most votes in a primary election.

Teachers in Kentucky flexed their newfound political clout in primary elections Tuesday after a series of massive protests at the state Capitol earlier this year.

High school math teacher Travis Brenda ousted one of the Kentucky legislature's top Republican leaders in a primary election. Brenda ran a campaign attacking state Rep. Jonathan Shell for his role in writing bills that weakened retirement benefits for state workers and overhauled Kentucky's tax code.


Voter turnout for Tuesday’s Kentucky primary election was 23.54%. That’s according to the Secretary of State’s website with all counties reporting.

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A high school teacher has defeated Kentucky’s House majority leader in a Republican primary election, signaling the newfound voting power of teachers after lawmakers made changes to state worker pension benefits this year.

A lawyer and U.S. Navy veteran has won the Democratic nomination in Kentucky's 5th Congressional District.


An English professor at Murray State University has won the Democratic nomination in Kentucky's 1st Congressional District.