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It’s WKMS 50th year of broadcasting and we’re celebrating with 50 stories for 50 years. 

In our second story we recall the first broadcast of WKMS on May 11th, 1970. Dr. Ray Mofield was the Director of Communications in the School of Arts and Science at Murray State. He spoke some of the first words heard on WKMS.  


50 Stories for 50 Years: The Thoroughbred Hour

Jan 6, 2020
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WKMS is celebrating 50 years on the air this year, and we’re remembering with 50 stories of the station’s history. 


Today we go back to the infancy of WKMS and hear from one of the founding directors of the station, Dr. Tom Morgan who came to Murray in 1965 which was just a few years before WKMS went on the air.

Morgan’s father worked in the broadcasting industry, and despite Tom's hiring to work in the english department he was co-opted in working with students to create radio programming. He'd eventually go on to help design the studios that radio and television programs at Murray State still use today.