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  Kentuckians will again consider a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution in an effort known as “Marsy’s Law,” in what advocates say will institute specific rights and due process for crime victims. Yet critics of the amendment argue Marsy’s Law fails to live up to its promise for victims, and could create significant legal problems with criminal proceedings.


The ACLU of Kentucky, the NAACP and others have filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) and the city over what plaintiffs say is an “excessive use of force” against protesters. The ACLU and NAACP are representing several plaintiffs, including Kentucky state representative Attica Scott, who have participated in protests in downtown Louisville over the police killing of Breonna Taylor.


For many in the Ohio Valley, voting is a choice, a right they are free to exercise if they want to. But for Jackie McGranahan and the more than 175,000 other formerly disenfranchised Kentuckians, this primary election is special. It’s her first chance to vote since 2008.

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After three days of protests and police backlash, Black Lives Matter organizers in Louisville held a rally calling for Mayor Greg Fischer to fire officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor.

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  Racial disparities are the common thread among the issues the ACLU of Kentucky plans to focus on addressing in the 2020 legislative session.

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On the same day Gov. Matt Bevin ceremonially signed four new abortion-related bills into law, a three-judge panel heard oral arguments Thursday in a case debating the legality of a state law that requires abortion providers have a written agreement with a hospital to transfer patients in case of an emergency.

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  A spokeswoman for Kentucky's Republican governor says a lawsuit seeking to block the state's new abortion law is "disturbing." Elizabeth Kuhn is communications director for Gov. Matt Bevin.

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An Ohio man had a personalized license plate saying "IM GOD," but when he moved to Kentucky, his request for the same one was denied.

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McCracken County Public Schools is listed among a handful of districts in Kentucky the American Civil Liberties Union says offers ‘Bible literacy’ courses that may violate the Constitution.

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Kentucky's Republican governor will appeal a federal judge's ruling that blocks the state's law requiring doctors to conduct an ultrasound exam before an abortion and then try to show fetal images as well as play the fetal heartbeat to the pregnant woman.