Asian Carp

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A proposed reduction in funds to fight invasive Asian Carp in Kentucky was removed after a tourism budget meeting in the Kentucky House of Representatives last week.

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Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White issued a call to action Thursday morning in response to a major funding sweep he said is part of Governor Andy Beshear’s proposed budget. 


  Federal and state officials on Monday will begin testing a new, experimental method to harvest invasive Asian Carp out of Kentucky Lake.


  The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has a new plan to use a traditional Chinese fishing technique to reduce invasive Asian Carp.

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  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says his ability to include Kentucky-specific items in the federal spending bill is a reason voters should reelect him in 2020.

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A partnership between local fishermen and state government has met its goal of harvesting 5 million pounds of invasive Asian Carp this year. 

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U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says $25 million has been secured to fight invasive Asian Carp in Kentucky and other states in Congress’s latest funding bill.

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A west Kentucky non-profit will host a music festival in 2020 to raise funds for projects assisting in the fight against invasive Asian Carp in the region.

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A new Marshall County non-profit plans to assist in the fight against invasive Asian Carp.

The group is called Asian Carp Aid. The nonprofit is putting together a network of donors and volunteers in the region to raise funds and public awareness about Asian Carp in west Kentucky. 

Matt Quinn is the founder of Asian Carp Aid. He said he hopes the organization will help return west Kentucky's tourism dominance.

"This is a method of raising our community to try to restore ourselves from a fishing tourism perspective," said Quinn.

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A new barrier that combines light, sound and bubbles to deter Asian Carp is now installed in Lake Barkley.