Breonna Taylor

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Gabrielle Thomas knew she was a girl when she was 5 years old.

She grew up in Graves County, Kentucky, where she recalls her Black peers bullying her for being flamboyant before she ever experienced racism for being Black.


An armed counter protest to “restore order” in Louisville scheduled for Saturday is organized by a member of the Kentucky National Guard, according to social media posts.


Louisville Metro Police and protesters clashed again Thursday night.


The forthcoming, top-to-bottom audit of Louisville’s police department will look at everything from training to racial bias to community policing and police interactions with the public “in all scenarios,” according to the document provided to firms interested in performing the audit.

Three months ago, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by police in her apartment.

Two months before George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, Taylor, a 26-year old Black emergency medical technician, was in her home in Louisville, Kentucky, when plain-clothed police burst in with a no-knock warrant. Her boyfriend, thinking they were intruders, fired a shot.

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After two weeks where Louisville Metro Police largely ditched the riot gear and stood watch over protests, the tone changed Monday evening and officers resumed firing pepper balls to disperse crowds.

Taylor Family

Beyoncé has joined the call for charges against officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, a black woman gunned down by officers who burst into her home in Kentucky. 

The Louisville, Ky., Metro Council has voted unanimously to ban no-knock warrants. The legislation was titled Breonna's Law, in honor of a woman who was killed during a raid on her home earlier this year.

Her death became one of the rallying points in protests against police violence, along with that of George Floyd, who was killed by police in Minneapolis in May. Crowds all over the country have chanted her name.

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A crowd of more than 100 protesters gathered outside Louisville Metro Police Department headquarters in downtown Louisville on Thursday to read the names of people they say have been unjustly killed by police officers.

The police killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Ky., have sparked a national conversation around racial justice.