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Calloway County’s Judge Executive says he is hoping to put an end to matters involving the local library board with the appointment of two individuals. Judge Larry Elkins and the board have had a prolonged dispute over a proposed library expansion and other financial issues.


Update: Statement from Judge Executive Larry Elkins added.  

An attempt to fill a vacancy on the Calloway County Library Board failed in a fiscal court meeting Tuesday night.

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  The Higgins House is officially back in the possession of the Calloway County Public Library after pressure from the fiscal court. The library board bought back the dilapidated property for $1 in a meeting Wednesday night. A tabled ordinance would have forced the library to buy the house.

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After a months-long feud between the Calloway County Library Board and Judge Executive Larry Elkins, the fiscal court appointed former Webster County assistant superintendent Riley Ramsey in a special session Thursday while ousting board member Ryan Alessi, who has moved out of the state.

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  The Calloway County Fiscal Court is holding a special session Thursday to discuss items pertaining to the ongoing library board issue.

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Calloway County Public Library may see a smaller expansion than had been proposed. The board has been considering plans with an estimated cost upwards of $7.6 million dollars. The plans have met vehement objection from Judge Executive Larry Elkins, who criticized the board in a public address earlier this week.

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  Calloway County Judge Executive Larry Elkins dedicated his annual ‘state of the county address’ to talk about the ongoing library renovation issue. Elkins spoke Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Elkins and the library board have been at odds since last fall, when he refused to support a library expansion that would cost $5.3 million dollars.

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The Calloway County Fiscal Court has hired an attorney to look into Kentucky’s laws regarding library boards.

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Calloway County Public Library’s Sandy Linn talks with Tracy Ross on Sounds Good about upcoming events.

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Calloway County judge-executive Larry Elkins has provided an update to the Murray State News on his opposition to current plans for the renovation and expansion of the Calloway County Public Library.