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A proposed reduction in funds to fight invasive Asian Carp in Kentucky was removed after a tourism budget meeting in the Kentucky House of Representatives last week.

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A prefiled bill partially inspired by the 2018 shooting at Marshall County High School would prevent the public from viewing gruesome evidence in Kentucky’s court cases. 

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A bill prefiled for the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2020 session would allow the children of military members to receive Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships even if they move due to a parent’s military transfer.

Sixth District State Representative Chris Freeland of Benton sponsored the bill after being approached by a military child who would benefit from the proposed legislation. He said the bill allows students to receive scholarship funding that he said is rightfully theirs.

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Newly elected west Kentucky lawmakers heading soon to Frankfort say they believe continued tax reform and the push to legalize marijuana will be on the agenda next year.

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Marshall County Republican Chris Freeland won the State Representative seat for district 6 last night.

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A retired Marshall County teacher is facing one of her former students for the 6th District State House Seat in the November midterm election.

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  A Marshall County media businessman is the second Republican to enter the race for the 6th District State House seat.

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After a 3-2 vote Monday night, Benton, Kentucky’s city council has approved by-the-drink liquor sales on Sundays as city and county governments in Marshall County begin to finalize their alcohol ordinances. Voters there approved going wet in July by a narrow 200-vote margin.