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  During the first televised debate of this year’s race for governor, Gov. Matt Bevin claimed that the state hasn’t expanded its prison population under his watch.

“We have expanded our prison population not one lick, I’ve made clear I’m not building more prisons,” Bevin said last week. “And the rapid increase that you ask about…happened under the previous governor and the governors before that. It has leveled off in recent years.”

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Everyone experiences prison time differently. To Sarah Perrine, who received a ten year sentence for a host of drug-related charges, it ended up being a life changing event.

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Attorneys representing criminal prosecution and defense see recent passage of federal criminal justice reforms as beneficial in moving Kentucky policy makers to act on state reforms.   As Stu Johnson of member station WEKU reports, it’s highly likely to be a topic during the upcoming general assembly session.

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The wife of U.S. Senator Rand Paul is lending her voice to criminal justice reform. 

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As Kentucky’s drug overdose and incarceration rates continue to surge, some are renewing the call for the state to reform its criminal justice system and increase opportunities for drug treatment.

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The Bureau of Prisons has issued a record of decision signaling that it is moving ahead with plans to build a federal prison on the site of a former strip mine in the hills of Letcher County, Kentucky. But local opponents of the prison say they’re not giving up and are considering a legal challenge to prevent the construction of a new prison.


Legislation to bring reforms to female prisons appears to be headed for final passage.

The Senate measure got the approval Wednesday of the House Judiciary Committee.



  Kentucky’s Justice Secretary says he’s not giving up on criminal justice reforms becoming a reality during this year’s legislative session.

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Kentucky lawmakers are being asked to make significant changes in the state’s criminal justice system. Much of the formal capitol rotunda announcement Tuesday focused on ways to reduce prison populations and save taxpayer dollars.

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Kentuckians trying to overcome their criminal past could no longer be automatically denied occupational licenses under a bill advanced by the House Judiciary Committee.