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A federal judge sentenced a former Benton pharmacist on Thursday to two years in prison and three years of supervised release for stealing and mislabeling drugs and carrying a firearm while prohibited from doing so. 

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The Kentucky State Police are introducing a new mobile substance abuse education exhibit.  

Researchers expect that three dozen new drugs will come on the market over the next few years with astronomical prices — some likely topping a million dollars per patient.

The drugmaker Novartis has told investors it might be able to charge $4 million to $5 million for one of its potential products, a treatment for a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy.

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A pharmacist in west Kentucky was charged by a federal grand jury indictment for stealing medications.

Federal Data Shows Scope Of Substance Abuse, Mental Illness

Sep 14, 2018
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The federal government released today a report on substance abuse and mental illness across the country. Dr. Elinor McCance-Katz leads the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. She said there are some positive changes.

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  Drug overdose deaths in Kentucky are increasing despite a drop in opioid prescriptions and heroin use.

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Police in Tennessee have seized 54 pounds of crystal meth in Clarksville worth nearly $2 million and two Hopkinsville, Kentucky, men are in custody.

California legalized marijuana in 2016, and on Jan. 1, 2018, eager customers lined up in the darkness outside medical marijuana dispensaries across the state, ready to start shopping at the stroke of midnight.

The effect has gone beyond the cannabis cash register. Everyone has seen the ads or heard the chatter — and that includes minors, though marijuana remains illegal for those under 21.

Right To Try Act Poses Big Challenge For FDA

May 24, 2018

In his first year as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb has managed to surprise early critics with bold public health moves, such as a plan to limit nicotine in cigarettes, while also keeping many industry supporters and the president on his side.

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Williamson, W.Va., sits right across the Tug Fork river from Kentucky. The town has sites dedicated to its coal mining heritage and the Hatfield and McCoy feud and counts just about 3,000 residents.