Gerald Watkins

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The Paducah Board of Commissioners is debating the future of a plan to redevelop a portion of the city’s downtown.

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  Kentucky State Representative Gerald Watkins wants to return to his political roots as a Paducah City Commissioner. Watkins currently represents the 3rd district but announced earlier this year he would not run for re-election, after serving 6 years in the position.

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A western Kentucky Democrat has pre-filed a bill for the 2018 legislative session reducing the criminal penalty for first degree drug possession, or personal possession, from a felony to a misdemeanor. 

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A Paducah businesswoman filed today to run for the third district state House seat held by retiring Democrat Gerald Watkins. Martha Emmons - a Democrat - co-owns the bicycle and fitness shop BikeWorld. She says government is broken and lacking female leadership.

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Three west Kentucky lawmakers fielded questions in Paducah Tuesday night from a series of people representing teachers, state workers and retirees regarding Governor Matt Bevin's proposed pension reform plan. 


Kentucky Democratic State Representative Gerald Watkins called the recommendations for solving the state’s pension debt crisis “outrageous” and “appalling.” 

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A Democratic state representative in west Kentucky will not seek re-election in 2018.

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Kentucky’s 2nd District State Representative is, for the fourth time, introducing legisaltion to lift the statewide nuclear ban.  

Gerald Watkins’ pre-filed bill would end the decades-old moratorium and add Kentucky to the list of nuclear-power generating states.  

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On a night when Republicans took control of the Kentucky House of Representatives for the first time in nearly a century, some local Democrats managed to retain their seats.

According to recent postings on the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance website, local state Representatives running for re-election this year are out-fundraising their opponents by a mostly wide margin.