Gov. Bill Lee

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Tennessee is poised to become the latest state to ban possessing, selling or distributing a child-like sex doll.

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A handful of protesters on Wednesday remained camped outside Gov. Bill Lee's office in the Tennessee Statehouse in an attempt to secure a meeting with the Republican to discuss a lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct.

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The Tennessee House has advanced a proposal that would create a new state charter school commission to manage charter school appeals if operators are denied by a local school board.

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Gov. Bill Lee's voucher-style proposal has restored the option of paying for homeschooling.

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Tennessee is removing one state court's review before executing inmates under legislation signed by Republican Gov. Bill Lee.

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U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she's encouraged by Tennessee's latest push to expand school vouchers throughout the state and said she's cheering on lawmakers to make the right choice.

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Tennessee lawmakers have tweaked a sweeping voucher proposal to ensure schoolchildren living in the country illegally are prohibited from accessing the program.

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Gov. Bill Lee's school voucher proposal has cleared its first hurdle inside Tennessee's GOP-dominant statehouse but not without facing a wide range of questions from lawmakers uneasy about the broad scope of the bill.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee says he's honored to support the lawmakers pushing a proposal to ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, about six weeks into pregnancy.

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A Tennessee House panel has stripped a bill of a state GOP-backed push to allow only registered party members to vote in election primaries.