Gov. Bill Lee

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A Tennessee House panel has stripped a bill of a state GOP-backed push to allow only registered party members to vote in election primaries.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee won't be visiting the damage caused throughout the state by recent storm activity over the weekend, but instead plans on remaining in close communication with emergency officials to monitor the situation.

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Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee says his upcoming budget proposal will include $40 million to improve school safety.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee raised almost $2.5 million and spent nearly $1.8 million for his inauguration.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has set up a website that will accept public comments on bills that have passed and are awaiting his decision.

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Gov. Bill Lee has ordered a 90-day freeze in new state rules and regulations as the Republican's new administration begins to review how the state operates.

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Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee and the top two GOP state lawmakers say they support a push to ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into a woman's pregnancy.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's newly signed executive orders show that he will largely follow his Republican predecessor's footsteps when it comes to ethics disclosure, transparency and non-discrimination employment practices.

Gov. Bill Lee says he plans to focus on education and criminal justice reform throughout his tenure.

Although he still hasn’t gone into details, he says partnerships with the private sector and nonprofits will be key in tackling those issues. 

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Gov.-elect Bill Lee says he will direct his legal team to investigate whether Tennessee's most populated county is following a new law that prohibits local authorities from requiring a warrant or probable cause before complying with federal immigration detainers.