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  When the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to move forward with President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Senate Democrats boycotted. In their places stood poster-sized photos of people the senators said would lose health care coverage if the court strikes down the Affordable Care Act. 

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  Coronavirus continues to be deadly in Kentucky’s long-term care facilities like nursing homes, and is especially dangerous for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, lawmakers were told Wednesday.


Tennessee officials have finally released more detailed information surrounding confirmed cases and COVID-19 related deaths in its long-term care facilities.

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Bowling Green is home to residents from dozens of countries, and schools where students speak about 90 different languages. One of the biggest challenges facing members of the city’s international community is the language barrier.

Homelessness And Health Costs: This Kentucky Mom Faced Cancer While Living In Her Car

Nov 18, 2019
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Cancer was what finally pushed Kristi Reyes into living in her car.

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The time for procrastination is over. Federal officials will be closing the enrollment for health insurance on Saturday.

On a recent chilly day in Manhattan, a group of veterans marched a dozen miles up the island — from the historic Fraunces Tavern to the spot where the first woman pensioned by the United States Army fired her cannon at British redcoats.

On his first day in office, as part of his mission to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, President Trump signed an order promising to give states flexibility "to create a more free and open healthcare market."

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  Kentucky officials on Monday heard from the public on proposed state regulations that would go into effect if the federal government approves controversial Medicaid changes, also known as Kentucky HEALTH.

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Dania Palanker wanted to find out what kind of short-term health insurance plan she could get, a plan that only lasts for three months and can cost much less than some Obamacare exchange plans. On a website, she plugged in her age, 43, and listed her location as Louisville. Of the results, Palanker said one of the seemingly better plans costs $393 a month, which she said is much cheaper than she could get on an Obamacare exchange.