Update: The bargaining date has been moved to Thursday, Feb 5. 

The Metropolis Honeywell plant and the United Steelworkers Local 7-6-6-9 are set to continue negotiations Feb. 4.

Honeywell Plant Manager Jim Pritchett said in a company letter today that the two groups have had informal talks during the past few months.


The National Labor Relations Board has issued a decision in favor of Honeywell Plant officials regarding a complaint that they illegally locked out members of the United Steelworkers Union.

Last month, USW Local 7-669 filed the complaint to the board that the now 143-day work stoppage violates federal labor regulations. 


Honeywell’s Metropolis plant restarts production today, 18 days after a gas leak at the facility.

On the evening of Oct 26, employees there reported a uranium hexafluoride gas (UF-6) leak that put the plant into emergency shutdown mode.

A company investigation determined the leak was internal and caused by mechanical failure near the end of the production process. 

United Steelworkers

As the lockout at Honeywell Corporation’s Metropolis plant continues, United Steelworkers has filed suit against the company alleging unfair labor practices.

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Honeywell's Metropolis plant will reopen for emergency drills and testing this week after a uranium hexafluoride gas leak last month shutdown the facility.  

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Honeywell officials say a radioactive leak at the Metropolis facility last week may not have been handled properly.

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Following a uranium hexafluoride leak Sunday night at the Metropolis, Illinois Honeywell facility, United Steelworkers Local 7-669 officials allege the incident stems from equipment improperly installed by outside contractors, work they say was previously done in-house by their members.  

Radioactive Leak at Honeywell

Oct 27, 2014
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Honeywell’s Metropolis facility experienced a leak of the radioactive gas, Uranium Hexaflouride Sunday night around 7:35. Honeywell officials say the leak was caused by an equipment failure in the main production building.

Honeywell Negotiations to Resume Friday

Oct 2, 2014

UPDATE: 3:53pm Thursday

No agreement was reached today between Honeywell and union officials. 

Honeywell Representative Peter Dalpe says that company negotiators had turned down the United Steelworker Union's last contract proposal saying that it would be detrimental to the competitiveness of the site. 

USW Local 7-669

Metropolis Honeywell union members demonstrated in front of Honeywell corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C. and attempted to meet with several lobbying firms Thursday. United Steelworkers Local 7-669, joined by D.C.  AFL-CIO members delivered letters to Akin Gump, OB C Group, McBee Strategic, and Duberstein Group, who they claim Honeywell has hired along with their own in-house lobby team.