Gov. Andy Beshear says Kentucky plans to reopen and operate a privately owned prison to shift inmates from overcrowded county jails. 

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A lawsuit filed by public defenders in Kentucky says people are being left in jail longer than they're supposed to for technical parole violations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Ronald Nelson wants out of jail. For seven months, he’s been serving time for drug charges in the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He’s got just four months left on his sentence. But as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, Nelson, 38, said every day he’s locked up seems like an unnecessary risk to his well-being.


  Thousands of inmates held in county jails have been released since the Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice issued an order last week effectively closing the courts, according to data provided by the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy.

Report: Kentucky Incarceration Rates Worst In Region

Dec 11, 2019
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A report published last week found that Kentucky’s incarceration rates are the worst in its region, topping Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.


  A new report ranks Kentucky 9th in the nation for the rate at which counties hold residents in local jails. The state-by-state analysis aims to provide a more comprehensive picture of the effect local jails have. The report was produced by The Prison Policy Initiative, a non-profit group focused on criminal justice reform. 

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  Some members of the Kentucky legislature want to eliminate the state’s bail system, no longer requiring low-risk criminal defendants to pay bail in order to be released from jail before they head to trial.

The proposal would be a massive change in the way those accused of crimes are treated after they are arrested.

Critics of the current system say it disproportionately harms poor people who can’t afford to pay bail and end up spending long stretches in jail awaiting trial.

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Louisville pediatrician Michelle Elisburg recently saw a 10-year-old patient who had started acting out in school, couldn’t stop fidgeting and was exhibiting other behavioral problems. Elisburg thought perhaps the 10-year-old had ADHD, and started the process of diagnosis. But first, she asked the child’s grandmother about what was going on at home.

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Officials say a riot at a central Kentucky jail led to several inmates being moved to another facility.


Inmates at an overcrowded Indiana jail will be getting a road trip as officials move them to jails in Illinois and Kentucky to alleviate the congestion.