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Now that the 2020 Census is complete, Kentucky will embark upon another round of redistricting, the process in which lawmakers draw new boundaries for the legislature and the state’s six congressional districts.

The process is often criticized as “gerrymandering” because politicians tend to draw districts that favor the majority party.

Critics from both parties have long proposed ways to reform the process, but haven’t had much success getting lawmakers to change the process.


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced Wednesday another record for reported deaths in a single day due to COVID-19, along with the sixth highest total of daily cases since the pandemic began.

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Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions The Salvation Army has operated differently this year. But in Kentucky the organization has continued to provide food, shelter, emergency financial relief, and utilizing mobile feeding units to practice social distancing.

After the 2008 recession revealed the weaknesses of the nation’s unemployment insurance systems, most states got to work upgrading their technology.

Private religious K-12 schools will be expected to close Monday, along with public ones, under a ruling from the U.S Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down on Sunday. The panel of judges overturned a lower court decision that blocked Beshear’s executive order from affecting private religious schools.


Kentucky added another 2,803 COVID-19 cases on Sunday. The commonwealth also announced another 11 deaths. That brings the state’s death toll from coronavirus to 1,896.

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Kentucky reported 2,437 cases of COVID-19 and 14 new deaths on Saturday.

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Dr. Kirk Tucker, chief clinical officer of Adena Health Systems in Chillicothe, Ohio, said a week before Thanksgiving that the health system’s three hospitals in southern Ohio were bombarded with coronavirus patients. But it isn’t just the patients testing positive. The virus has also sickened 65 of his fellow caregivers.

Recently, Tucker said, a doctor there in his 60s tested positive for COVID-19 and died the same day of a sudden cardiac event.

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On Thanksgiving, Kentucky again reported its highest daily number of COVID-19 cases, with 3,870 more people testing positive for the virus.

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Restaurant owners say they’re facing a financial struggle in adapting to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s executive order mandating new restrictions to limit COVID-19 spread, which orders all bars and restaurants to close indoor services.