Some local businesses in Kentucky are finding the statewide face-covering mandate easy to enforce because they already had a similar policy in place. Spencer’s Coffee in Bowling Green, Ky., has been requesting customers wear face masks since the early days of the pandemic. 

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The sheriff of Grayson County is urging the public to wear masks to stave off the spread of COVID-19 amid his own battle with the respiratory virus.

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Federal prosecutors are seeking prison time for Kentucky’s former Democratic Party chief when he is sentenced this week, but attorneys for Jerry Lundergan are seeking probation.

Restaurants, car-dealers and lawyers were among the businesses that borrowed the most from a federal program to save jobs during the pandemic.

Those business sectors, along with doctors' and dentists' offices, topped the list of nearly 700,000 businesses approved for larger loans under the federal government's $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program, commonly called the PPP.

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A woman travelling in a motorized wheelchair near a Kentucky Walmart discovered a rattlesnake under her seat on Sunday.

As protests stemming from George Floyd's killing at the hands of Minneapolis police spread across the country, Black progressives appear to have had a good night in Democratic primaries Tuesday, while some Republicans endorsed by President Trump did not fare as well on the GOP side.

Three races in New York and Virginia, and perhaps one in Kentucky, highlight what could be the start of something important in Democratic politics — the surge of Black candidates.

Progressives are mounting efforts to best establishment Democrats in Kentucky and New York Tuesday.

Black Lives Matter protests around the country have added energy to the left, and Black progressives are surging in contests in both states.

In Kentucky, the race between the two leading Democrats vying for the right to likely take on Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is coming down to the wire. All the momentum is on the side of state Rep. Charles Booker over Amy McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot with a lot of money and the party's backing.

Kentuckians on Tuesday will weigh in on the suddenly competitive race among Democrats vying to take on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Former Marine Corps fighter pilot Amy McGrath was the clear favorite in the race early on, having raised millions of dollars with the help of establishment Democratic leaders.

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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear during the June 22 coronavirus update announced Phase 3 of reopening will begin on June 29, at which point he said “just about everything in the commonwealth will be open.” He also said on Wednesday, his staff will outline the guidelines for reopening Kentucky’s schools in August.


For many in the Ohio Valley, voting is a choice, a right they are free to exercise if they want to. But for Jackie McGranahan and the more than 175,000 other formerly disenfranchised Kentuckians, this primary election is special. It’s her first chance to vote since 2008.