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The Kentucky Baptist Convention Mission Board has chosen Todd Gray to lead the organization.

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The Kentucky Baptist Convention has cut ties with more than 12 churches that showed support for an organization that lifted a ban this year on hiring LGBTQ employees.

Kentucky Baptist Convention

The Kentucky Baptist Convention has elected an Elizabethtown pastor as its president.

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The Kentucky Baptist Convention is taking credit for the failure of medical marijuana bills in this year’s General Assembly and is already gearing up to fight similar legislation next year.

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Updated: 5:21 p.m. 7/16/14

Campbellsville University is seeking looser ties with the Kentucky Baptist Convention so it can appoint its own trustees. But the move will cause the loss of KBC funding.

Baptist paper The Western Recorder reports the university's trustees voted to revise its bylaws allowing the board to appoint its own trustees.

Board Chairman Joseph Owens and President Michael Carter wrote a letter saying it wants a self-perpetuating board to avoid “undue influence and the imposition of theological and doctrinal control.”

The Kentucky Baptist Convention selected Princeton newspaper publisher Chip Hutcheson as its next president.

The group appointed Hutcheson at its annual meeting in Paducah Tuesday. Hutcheson is the publisher of the Princeton Times-Leader and Oak Grove’s The Eagle Post.

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The Kentucky Baptist Convention is moving to sever its remaining ties with Georgetown College. The convention will vote on a recommendation at its annual meeting next month that would terminate its ministry partnership with the institution. An administrative committee voted in September in favor of the measure. The college and Kentucky Baptists broke off a covenant agreement in 2005 in order to allow Georgetown to elect its own trustees.