Kentucky General Assembly

Mental Health Bill Aims to Help Homeless Youth

Feb 24, 2020
Coalition for the Homeless

A bill under consideration in the General Assembly would give more homeless youth in Kentucky access to mental health services. 

Shannon Davis-Roberts for State Representative

The race for Kentucky’s fifth district house seat now features a Democrat and a Republican.

Legislative Research Commission

Lawmakers are returning to Kentucky's Capitol to start a 60-day session that will be dominated by work on a new state budget. 

Legislative Research Commission

A Kentucky lawmaker known for his opposition to abortion and his advocacy for military issues resigned his House seat Tuesday, citing his belief in term limits.

J. Tyler Franklin / WFPL

Gov. Matt Bevin’s pension bill continues to advance through the Republican-led legislature, easily passing the Kentucky Senate’s State Government Committee on Tuesday.

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A federal appeals court has upheld a Kentucky law that bans lobbyists from giving gifts to state legislators or donating to their campaigns.

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Thursday is the last day of the Kentucky General Assembly, with decisions still looming on several high-profile bills. But if you wanted to show up at the Kentucky State Capitol and protest, you’ll be turned away.

Liz Schlemmer, WFPL

Leaders of the Kentucky House and Senate have begun meeting behind closed doors to hammer out a final version of a bill that re-opens the two-year tax bill that passed last year.

Stu Johnson, WEKU

Legislation that would criminalize those who share personal identifying information about a minor when the intent is to intimidate, abuse, threaten, harass, or frighten is headed to the full Kentucky Senate. 

The measure stems from the highly publicized viral social media account of a January interaction between Covington Catholic students and Native American protestors in Washington DC. 

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Members of a legislative budget subcommittee got a status report on teacher training Thursday.  Officials representing elementary, secondary and postsecondary teachers testified before the House panel.