Kentucky General Assembly

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Republican leaders of the Kentucky legislature want to change which judges hear lawsuits against state officials and agencies.


  Kentucky’s legislature will consider a bill during the upcoming session which aims to amend the state’s Constitution to exclude any protected rights to abortion procedures or funding. An ACLU representative said the measure may unfairly impact low-income Kentuckians.


A west Kentucky legislator is proposing a measure to make the torture of dogs and cats a Class D felony in the commonwealth. 

Kentucky lawmakers will return to Frankfort on Tuesday for an unusual legislative session in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

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A western Kentucky legislator is seeking to strengthen safety standards for swimming pools with a pre-filed bill for the 2021 session of the state’s general assembly. 

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Members of the Kentucky General Assembly representing western Kentucky districts addressed McCracken County business leaders Monday at a public policy forum hosted by the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce. The legislators touted their priorities for the 2021 legislative session, and discussed how those priorities will benefit the region.


Unofficial general election results show Kentucky voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to raise experience requirements and term lengths for some judicial officials.

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

WKMS News sent an issues survey to candidates vying for seats in the Kentucky state representative and state senate races in our coverage area for the Nov. 3 general election. The survey for candidates included questions on police reform and coronavirus response, as well as the opportunity to elaborate on which issues candidates want to address within their district. Candidate coverage was based on timely response to the election survey. Below are the responses:

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Kentucky lawmakers are scheduled to convene Jan. 5 for next year's legislative session. 

Mental Health Bill Aims to Help Homeless Youth

Feb 24, 2020
Coalition for the Homeless

A bill under consideration in the General Assembly would give more homeless youth in Kentucky access to mental health services.