Kentucky Medicaid

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  Kentucky officials on Monday heard from the public on proposed state regulations that would go into effect if the federal government approves controversial Medicaid changes, also known as Kentucky HEALTH.

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Gov. Matt Bevin's administration has taken public comments on proposed regulations for a Medicaid overhaul that has been blocked by a federal judge.

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A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin against 16 Kentucky residents. Those residents had earlier sued Bevin in a separate court, asking a judge to declare Bevin’s Medicaid changes illegal.

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Some children and pregnant women in Kentucky have wrongly been denied access to dental care since the state abruptly cut dental and vision coverage for as many as 460,000 people, public health advocates say.

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Kentucky's Republican governor is partnering with a former Democratic congressman to help implement the nation's first work requirements for Medicaid.

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A trade group representing every Kentucky hospital is getting involved in Gov. Matt Bevin’s lawsuit against 16 Kentuckians over the state’s impending changes to Medicaid.

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Kentucky became the first state with a work requirement for Medicaid, and now it has to do something arguably more daring: Build a mobile-friendly website that works.


The commissioner for the State Department of Medicaid Services says targeted information about recent Medicaid changes will be coming to recipients in the next month or so.

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Changes to the Medicaid program are coming in Kentucky. The Medicaid expansion population will lose access to vision and dental benefits starting July 1, but they will be able to earn points for those services.


The federal government has approved most of Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed changes to the state’s Medicaid program.