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  A new Pew Charitable Trusts report shows Kentucky’s spending on Medicaid has increased since the recession, but remains below the national average. The study looked at how much Medicaid spending takes up of each state’s revenue.

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  Gov. Andy Beshear will not move forward with former Gov. Matt Bevin’s controversial changes to Kentucky’s Medicaid program. Beshear made the announcement Monday, within his first week in office.

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  Passport Health Plan and Anthem Kentucky will no longer offer Medicaid coverage to Kentuckians starting next summer. State officials announced Wednesday that it did not award those providers contracts following the expiration of their current contracts at the end of June 2020.

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For the past four years, Kentucky officials have been trying to institute a policy requiring some Medicaid recipients work or do community service to keep their health coverage. It’s been a pillar of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s policy priorities, but with Bevin soon leaving office and Democratic Governor-Elect Andy Beshear opposed to the requirement, it would be up to the legislature to continue that effort.

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Kentucky is expanding a program that pays for Medicaid enrollees to get on their employer insurance. As of Monday, family members of people in the program can also apply for coverage.

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  Kentucky estimates that it will spend $271.6 million in 2019 and 2020 alone to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program, according to a federal audit. That’s almost four times as much as the next highest ranking state is spending.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has joined 15 other states in supporting a Trump administration rule that would allow small businesses to sign up for health insurance plans that don’t comply with protections required by the Affordable Care Act.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's administration will team with the Trump White House to challenge a federal judge's ruling that blocked work requirements for some low-income people on Medicaid, state officials said.

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A federal judge has again struck down Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s changes to the Medicaid program, including community engagement requirements that would have made some people work to keep coverage.


The new head of Passport Health Plan, which insures medicaid patients, said the process for determining state cuts to the company’s pay rates are “logical” but that the cuts will cause a $65.5 million shortfall.